During the year the company has developed its expertise, its staff and its equipment to respond to the requirements of the project owner, this has allowed us to respond challenges more important, and achieve various and complex projects, individual promotional and social housing construction, as well as the redevelopment of the equipment (Ministers, Government…)

All this potential allows us to be classified by the Ministry of habitat in category 4 of building companies.


Teams :

Our project teams combine their individual competence in same dynamic at the service of the project owner, collective requirement.

Workers, technicians, architects, engineers in the fields the most various, all have extensive experience of construction taking a desire for learning, and knowledge.

batihome equipe

Our teams of site consist of :

    • * 04 Site leaders
    • * 20 Skilled workers (mason, plasterer, Tiller, Painter….)
    • * 25 workerman  
    • * 02 Plumbers
    • * 02 Electricians
    • * 02 heaters



    Provision :

    The company has the competence acquired along the years.

    Achievement of large work using reinforced concrete technique.

    Achievement of seconds works involving large skills of work to control the secondary bodies state (architectural and technical).


    Association of skills with the customer is designed to ensure a result under the global aspect, the cost, time and performance.